About Us

1UP martial arts is a family operated martial arts university dedicated to teaching practical self defense and leadership lessons to all ages. We strive to apply the values of martial arts to all aspects of life and mentor children to success. Scroll down to learn more!

1UP Martial Arts in Winterpark

What sets us apart from other activities?

1UP Martial Arts has taken the martial arts academy experience to a whole new level. The 1UP Martial Arts studio is a place of unity, that empowers students of all ages to take control of their lives through their training with our Black Belt, 5 star certified trainers who guide, coach and empower them to focus on improving themselves as students and martial artists. Our programs focus on the components that increase fitness, artistic precision, and self-empowerment.

Countless hours of research and staying ahead of the latest sports science are just the beginning. At 1UP Martial Arts, we fit your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. With a diverse selection of classes and times, there are no excuses not to start today! The mission of 1UP Martial Arts, is to provide a safe, fun and affordable martial arts school which gives the children in our community the opportunity to be involved in a positive atmosphere where they can learn to improve in mind, body and spirit.

We teach all our students effective self defense skills and show them how to be confident and self-assured while they grow into mature responsible adults. In addition, our academy possess the essential elements of a great training workout. Also, all of our instructors stay current with the latest training methods. We offer a wide variety of youth programs to ensure that each participant gets the best experience possible.

You can be assured that participants will receive the highest quality of instruction. In fact, 1UP Martial Arts Instructors are required to be certified and earn continuing education credits to keep up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring safety and enhanced learning. We place a high priority on protecting the safety of members.

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Martial arts training benefits every age group

Younger kids will learn symmetrical movements that help build motor skills. They will also learn the importance of listening and following directions. As a result, younger kids will become more disciplined and better behaved.

Elementary and intermediate school students will learn build character, self-discipline, and good habits with martial arts training. Also, they will learn important anti-bullying techniques and stranger awareness. We also push academic accountability and physical fitness.

We also offer amazing Birthday Parties and super exciting Summer Camps.